Application Integration & API Management

Reach goals faster and service customers better with low code integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions designed to take your business to the next level.

True business growth is fueled by​ platform and software integration that results in connected experiences for employees, partners, and customers. Integrating new PaaS, SaaS and server based application initiatives across on-premise and cloud environments often means developing an unmanageable amount of complex code while working around data mapping, data transformation, and endpoint integrations. There is a better solution. No/Low-code drag-and-drop integration platform as a service (iPaaS) – offered by our partnerships like Dell Boomi – paired with our expert resources pulls it all together to improve data integrations across applications.

Application & Data Integration

​Operate better by leveraging a vast library of prebuilt application connectors or the easy to use connector SDK to link software solutions and data sources across hybrid IT landscapes. Unlock data silos and achieve pervasive integrations with any combination of applications all working together at the pace you need them to. Let’s take control of your applications. We’ll build, deploy, and manage the entire process with ease.

API Design & Management

Are your APIs scalable and fostering real-time interactions? Struggling to create, maintain, and manage them with ill-equipped tools for your complex needs? We modernize API management to bridge modern and legacy applications, aggregate data from multiple sources, control access, and ensure peak performance.

Master Data Hub

​Increasing numbers of data sources are driving complex point-to-point connections and manual transmissions of data often lead to untrusted information. Synchronization of data in a master data hub removes accuracy questions while delivering agility, operational efficiency, and decreased overall costs.

Workflow Automation

​The automation of end-to-end business processes connects customers and end users with the right information at the right time – across all devices. From simple to sophisticated, drag-and-drop editing workflow automations transform processes without the manual complexities of traditional coded data integrations.