Microsoft Defender

Security Simplified


The increasing number of endpoint devices attaching to your network gives cyber criminals more opportunities to infiltrate. The endpoint device, whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or server, is your first line of defense. Microsoft Defender is a comprehensive endpoint protection platform that can help prevent, detect, and respond to malicious threats. It has multiple layers of defense that include advanced threat protection, endpoint detection and response, postbreach investigations, and application control. Along with our managed endpoint solutions, we combine machine learning and artificial intelligence with enterprise class next generation anti-virus technologies to provide unparalleled endpoint visibility and protection – making it faster to detect, investigate and respond to threats on your behalf.

Managed Services (24x7x365)

We monitor Microsoft Defender for the safety of endpoints in real-time, with 24-hour cybercrime protection for each endpoint linked to your network. Our managed services cover everything from fully integrated solutions to simple monitoring and alerting. We keep track of your systems and operational networks for protection, minimizing risk factors, and maximizing efficiency.

Policy and Regulatory Compliance

Our team of skilled cybersecurity analysts will work with you to create tailored rules and policies that will both reduce false positive results and improve the effectiveness of threat detection. Our dedicated team reports to your team regularly, and we can assist you in checking those compliance boxes.

Services & Solutions for Defender

  • We install, manage, configure and customize the Endpoint Defender platform
  • Integration into our CDC platform allows for a single interface to other SOC activities and meaningful interaction with our experts
  • Advanced threat hunting techniques, incident and intelligence-based and behavioral analysis-led hunting techniques
  • Platform migrations to allow for quick migration from legacy solutions
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