​​​​​​Microsoft Teams Finally Available for Government Cloud​

Microsoft Teams Finally Available for Government Cloud

​Over the last year, Microsoft has added to the suite of solutions focused on collaboration. We’ve seen many clients benefit from these tools, which refocus resources toward reaching business goals. The Government Cloud user community has been patiently awaiting the launch of Microsoft Teams in this stack since the original launch on March 14, 2017.

Today is the day.

Microsoft recently announced Teams is coming to the US Government Community Cloud. This brings a new layer of efficiency for government customers while meeting their specific security and compliance requirements. The rollout begins today and will continue through the first of April.

“Now Microsoft Teams meets the federal compliance requirements of GCC customers, including FedRAMP Moderate, CJIS, IRS 1075, and HIPAA, in addition to supporting global standards, including SOC 1, SOC 2, EU Model Clauses, and ISO27001. We also added support for audit log search, eDiscovery, retention policies and legal hold for channels, chats and files as well as mobile application management with Microsoft Intune.”

Microsoft Teams improves communication by creating a chat-based workspace that allows for open and persistent discussions. Functions such as high-quality video, in-meeting files sharing, and real-time document collaboration create intelligent communication avenues for teams to work together better.

We’ll be initiating Microsoft Teams rollouts for our government clients as it makes sense for their larger IT strategy and assisting with implementation across all relevant user groups.