Boomi and Microsoft Cloud-Based Integrated Data ​Pipelines and Visualizations

Accelerate Business Outcomes with Improved Insights and Decisions

The data-driven future is here – and winning organizations understand the power of their data and how to harness it. Through integrated data pipelines, business leaders gain a 360-degree view across complex global environments. Plus, they generate data-driven insights for sophisticated demand planning and informed decision making that spans each business division up to the C-suite.
Harness the Power of Boomi & The Microsoft Cloud

rmsource implements the iPaaS solution from Dell Boomi and the Microsoft Azure Cloud to deliver rapid, agile data integration between critical enterprise​ applications – both in the cloud or on-premise. By leveraging pre-built connectors for +1500 unique endpoints, including custom API, SQL Servers,  Microsoft Dynamics 365, ServiceNow, Salesforce, and NETSUITE, we seamlessly integrate disparate systems into actionable data-driven insights with Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse, Analysis Services, and PowerBI.


Build connectivity in a fraction of the time as traditional custom-coded integrations with this low-code/no-code solution. With the Boomi Atom run-time engine hosted on-premises or in the cloud, deploying integration processes is simple and effective.
Connecting existing systems and assets eliminates data and business silos, encouraging innovation and efficiency. Remove the pain of brittle, legacy infrastructure by modernizing to a modern IT foundation. Transform workflows and processes to improve the quality and speed of business interactions and collaborations. Grow revenue through innovation with new products and services from enhanced insights.



Take Advantage of Boomi integration and Microsoft Cloud Solutions
  • Rapidly connect your existing modern and legacy applications to a Microsoft Azure Datalake, Data Warehouse, and Analysis Services using pre-built connectors to create PowerBI based insights and Microsoft Teams collaboration.
  • Optimize Operations with streamline employee onboarding by easily connecting ServiceNow, Workday with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Turn Data Into Intelligent Action by using Boomi to connect critical data to the Cortana Intelligence Suite, Dynamics, SharePoint, and other Microsoft offerings.
  • Quickly deploy new capabilities with Microsoft products for collaboration, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and artificial intelligence.
Boomi Capabilities
  • Low Code App Development
    Take your integrations to the next level by building on use-case specific workflows.
  • AI-Powered Configuration
    Quickly and easily integrate all your apps and endpoints.
  • Economies of Skill
    Unified platform experience with a single view for tracking and reporting.
  • Distributed Architecture
    Support hybrid and multi-cloud environments with ease.
  • Elastic Cloud Infrastructure
    Scales to meet your growing data volumes.
  • Automatic Updates
    Use the latest features and functionality with zero downtime.


Multi-Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure and Office 365
  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon S3
  • Hundreds of PaaS applications
  • Atoms on Windows
  • Atoms on Linux
  • Docker Atom
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