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Update Tasks & Issues Fast with Our Project Management Tools​


​Steps to Gain Access

​We’ve updated our web-based Work Items A​pp to support the use of your corporate logon credentials, making interacting with our task and project management system easier for you and your team.  ​

(NOTE: if your corporate email address and corporate login are not the same, please fill out this form​ with what login email address you wish to use.)​​

  1. If you already have a rmsource portal account, you can switch to using your corporate email address for login at any time.​
  2. If you have never had a rmsource portal account, and which to login to our App or collaborate with us in Microsoft Teams, please fill out this quick form.

​Of course, you can still respond to Work Item App update emails by simply replying, but your experience creating and updating those work items in our app is streamlined and simplified. ​

For technical information on Microsoft B2B authentication please see this link:

Micro​soft B2B Invitations