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Related Challenges

Modernization; Moving to the Cloud; Reducing Costs with Outsourcing

Services Used

IT Consulting; Software Development

Technologies Used

Microsoft SharePoint; Microsoft SQL; ASP.NET MVC 4; Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS); Microsoft SQL Server Integration services (SSIS); Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS); Office 365

The Challenge

​The stability and security of your business portals and intranets is more important now than ever. Since 2003 Microsoft SharePoint, a popular enterprise Document management and collaboration tool, has become a cornerstone in IT organizations of all sizes. The C-level suite are now demanding that SharePoint be pervasively adopted and leveraged to its full potential. Implementing a new SharePoint solution or Modernizing to the updated versions of this versatile platform can add powerful capabilities to your Intranet/Extranet, however the process can be complex and time consuming.

How We Solve It

rmsource’s dedicated service teams for Microsoft SharePoint, SQL, and .net development are skilled in facilitating and supporting the modernization process. We’ll also collaborate with your internal IT organization and business users to help develop new ways of optimizing your SharePoint investments. Our SharePoint teams help you service the changing needs of your organization faster.
rmsource offers three different strategies for moving to the latest SharePoint platform and taking advantage of its Intranet, Extranet and Internet sites capabilities.

In the Private Cloud

rmsource offers dedicated, highly secured VMware private cloud solutions hosted from its own datacenters. These solutions are specifically designed to ease modernization within the Microsoft stack of products and line-of-business application servers without the expense of on premise IT Infrastructure replacement and the feature limitations of public cloud offerings.

In the Hybrid cloud

rmsource specializes in robust Single-Sign-On Hybrid Cloud solutions with on premise, hosted and Microsoft Office365 components. These solutions are specifically designed to ease modernization within the Microsoft stack of products, and provide flexibility for an organization to choose the right cloud or on premise technology for each line-of-business application or need.

On premise solutions

If your organization has determined that Cloud technology is not a good fit, rmsource helps you optimize the on premise modernization process by maintaining core competencies at every layer - Microsoft SharePoint/SQL platform deployment, Custom Microsoft SharePoint design and .net development, Virtualization and Storage layer design. We provide seasoned services teams to create and deploy enterprise class designs and modernization methods.
Professional and Managed Services are available to our customers throughout the modernization phases, as well as upon completion, for ongoing maintenance and support.