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Related Challenges

Reducing Costs with Outsourcing; IT Consulting

Services Used

IT Consulting; IT Services; Managed Solutions

Technologies Used

Microsoft SharePoint; Office 365

The Challenge

​Balancing limited resources with growing IT needs is a struggle for most organizations. This typically manifests as missing skill sets and fewer available hours than what is required to get projects done – resulting in decreased efficiency and productivity across the entire organization. Often, existing teams lack a deep working knowledge of specific systems like SharePoint, NOC and SOC, or mobile app development. This leaves holes that require attention from a specialist. 

Conversely, organizations find there is not enough work to hire a full-time, highly-skilled specialist or contract employee to handle specialized projects. Committing to this level of resources requires investments in salary as well as time for hiring and training. Plus, there are added expenses of benefits and the implementation of new internal processes and best practices associated with growing teams. All of this adds up to large investments that often outweigh the benefit of the original project. 

This is how rmsource is changing the IT landscape.  

How We Solve It

​The Partial Resourcing Model™

Working with clients of varying sizes that span industries, the rmsource team sees this as a universal challenge. The rmsource Partial Resourcing Model™​ is the first true solution. This service model designates a set number of hours each month for access to our team of highly-skilled developers and engineers. 

Our team is comprised of the best talent across all IT disciplines. From Microsoft Certified Engineers and SharePoint pros to app developers, network experts, and security specialists, our team can plug into any organization to get the job done quickly, on time, and on budget. 

With dedicated project portals and resource management systems already in place, projects get done on time and on budget for one fixed monthly fee. Our team seamlessly supplements existing IT resources with little to no ramp up time – all while bringing knowledge from years of working through IT challenges across a vast array of organizations. An IT department now has access to the skills needed, when they are needed, without hiring or adding new project management systems.

Our team is standing by to make things happen. Here’s a snapshot of how it works.


Contact our sales team today to learn more about this model and how it can solve your IT issues.