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​Moving to Mobile Apps

Related Challenges

Reducing Costs with Outsourcing; Upgrading Portals and Intranets

Services Used

Software Development; IT Services

Technologies Used

Responsive Design; Hybrid Apps; Windows Phone; iOS; Andriod; HTML 5; Mitel; Microsoft Lync; Microsoft SharePoint; NoSQL; CSS3

The Challenge

​With the advent of BYOD (bring your own device) and a huge surge in mobile device adoption in the workforce has caused a fundamental shift in the way IT solutions are conceived and deployed. Many line-of-business software applications do not have a mobile application solution or strategy in place, and applications that have a cross-device mobile app available are designed for general use. These mobile app options lack focus and are deficient in content delivery to divisional users.

How We Solve It

​rmsource’s focus has quickly moved away from devices and on to people. We have created an ease of use, user roll focused approach to mobile application development that increases productivity and lowers application mobilization costs.
rmsource’s dedicated services teams are highly skilled mobilization developers, engineering Microsoft .net, SharePoint, SQL, and UCaaS apps that produce cost effective, custom mobile applications – apps that are designed to efficiently and effectively deliver content to each user in his or her specific business role while saving you money.
rmsource product offerings include HTLM5, Apple iPhone/iPad, Google Andriod and Microsoft SharePoint, Windows 8 custom mobile applications. Each offering can also include VoIP and UCaaS feature sets. We are also offer our customers a Managed Solutions approach, hosting and providing mobilization strategy for any size organization.