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Related Challenges

Managed Services; Modernization

Services Used

IT Consulting; Software Development; Managed Solutions

Technologies Used

Microsoft SharePoint; Office 365

The Challenge

​Work environments continue to change from traditional offices to flexible workspaces with demands for round the clock engagement. Therefore, the landscape of today’s organization demands constant collaboration with real-time access to anything, anywhere. And, when systems are broken or down, business leaders find themselves battling more than technology -- lost productivity due to the absence of a streamlined system costs real money. 

Proper support of Microsoft environments, such as Office 365, means systems are active and optimized to meet the demands of on-the-go, multi-location business needs. This scalable environment helps teams manage workloads across departments, business units, partners, and customers. However, managing the solution requires knowledge and resources. Many organizations are not in the position to redeploy or fund internal resources to implement and support an Office 365 environment. 

How We Solve It

​rmsource managed Office 365 solutions optimize performance – ensuring maximum efficiency and collaboration which translates to reduced support costs. With plan options designed for nearly any size organization, rmsource customers benefit from a range of support options. Designated pros that understand each customer’s unique environment deliver personalized support from solution validation to architectural reviews to problem resolutions. This results in faster response times and more effective problem resolution – even in high-severity incidents. 

The rmsource Office 365 service plans are designed to fit the needs and budgets of most any size organization, no matter where the environment is situated -- in the Microsoft 365 cloud or private cloud 



  • Administration 
  • Configuration 
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Monitoring & Alerting 
  • Signature Cloud Support and Escalation 
  • Same Day 24/7 Support with Guaranteed SLA’s* 
  • Azure Active Directory 
  • Federation Services with Single Sign On 
  • Dedicated Monthly Training* 
  • Dedicated Monthly Design & Development* 
  • PC Support & Consulting Services**


*This is not an exhaustive features list. Please contact an rmsource sales representative at 1-877-319-3051 or for specific details and pricing models.