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Managed SharePoint


City of Charlotte, N.C.



Solutions Used

Moving to the Cloud; Upgrading Portals and Intranets; Modernization

Services Used

Managed Solutions; IT Consulting; Software Development

Technologies Used

Microsoft SharePoint; Vmware vSphere; Check Point; NetApp







​When the City of Charlotte was selected as the site for the 2012 democratic national convention (DNC), its officials knew right away that the preparation requirements would be substantial.  The City was managing an existing on-premise Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure that served the public/citizen facing websites. Its internal IT Organization initiated the planning for a modernization of the environment, but to enable scalability it issued an RFP to bring in a partner that would take ownership of modernizing, supporting and hosting the SharePoint environment. Due to the high profile nature of the event, it was also critically important that the site was scalable, secure and stable.  A disaster recovery solution in a different geographic area would be added as a requirement.

What We Did

rmsource built a dedicated private cloud in its primary datacenter in Durham, N.C., to holistically port over the City of Charlotte’s existing SharePoint environment and executed a quick stabilization phase. This allowed the City to be prepared for the DNC’s requirements without undergoing significant change immediately prior to the event. We spun up a second private cloud account in our Denver, Colo., Datacenter infrastructure to serve as a hot, fully replicated Disaster Recovery site.


​The SharePoint environment was successfully ported to our private cloud data center in Durham, N.C., and the holistic replication to the Denver, Colo., data center was completed.  We fixed intermittent issues and enabled turn-key 24/7 managed solutions support well in advance of the DNC event. rmsource’s care of the SharePoint environment enabled the City’s staff to focus on the needs and requirements of the event to ensure its success. After the convention, rmsource continued working with the City of Charlotte through the SharePoint modernization process, enabling additional scalability and new features sets.
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​“rmsource did an excellent job working with our City infrastructure teams during one of the largest events in the City’s history.  The transition was extremely smooth and we continue to rely on the expertise at rmsource.”

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