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​Robb Hultin

President, Sales & Marketing

Robb Hultin is president and co-founder of rmsource, Inc. Since 1997 Robb has collaborated with co-founder Mark Outlaw to architect, manage, and sell rmsource's strategic IT product and services. Robb currently leads rmsource's strategic sales and marketing initiatives for cloud technologies, mobile applications, unified communications, and professional services.
Robb is a trusted adviser and speaker at technology conferences throughout the US.


Mark Outlaw

CEO, Professional Services

Mark Outlaw is CEO and co-founder of rmsource, Inc. Since 1997 Mark has collaborated with co-founder Robb Hultin to design and manage rmsource's strategic IT products and services. Mark, along with the technology leadership teams, is responsible for the management of rmsource's professional services offerings and Cloud services.
Mark specializes in IT security, data center design  and Cloud technologies.


​Robert van de Sande

Vice President, Software Development

Bob van de Sande is a Vice President at rmsource and is the Director of Software Development.  Bob joined rmsource in 2002 where he has built and managed a successful Software Development division. His teams have been  developing custom solutions including; mobile, SharePoint, .NET applications, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Workflows for many rmsource customers across a variety of industries.
Bob specializes in Microsoft software architecture, data warehouse design and SharePoint solutions.


Daniel Patterson

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Patterson is the companies chief financial officer.  He is a finance executive with a concentration in accounting and has extensive experience in tax, non-profit, and corporate finances. His expertise extends to GAAP compliance, corporate tax, SAS70 and SSAE 16 compliance, internal controls as well corporate and fund accounting.


​Carl Acree

Director, IT Infrastructure Professional Services

Carl Acree is the Director of Information Technology (IT) Services, and is responsible for the Microsoft and Cloud solutions professional services teams at rmsource.  Since joining rmsource in 2002 Carl has lead rmsource's teams in the modernization, integration and support of many customer environments. He has also helped architect and design rmsource's data center solutions for private cloud technologies.
Carl specializes in Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and VMware cloud technologies.


​Mike Sullivan

Director, Network & Security Professional Services

Mike Sullivan is director of Network & Security Services, and is responsible for the Network and NOC/SOC solutions teams at rmsource. After spending over 5 years as a MPLS technology leader at MCI, Mike then joined rmsource in 2006. Since then Mike has designed, and configured many advanced customer networks as well as all of rmsource's data center networks. His professional services teams are currently responsible for the support of the managed solutions customers, as well as numerous customer projects.
Mike specializes in Cisco, Check Point and Extreme Networks Solutions, IT Security technologies.


​Ken Rudd

Professional Services Manager

Ken Rudd is a team leader at rmsource and along with Carl Acree is responsible for the professional services teams. After working at Microsoft and other corporate organizations for 15 years Ken joined rmsource in 2010. Ken and his teams have successfully Modernized, designed, and supported a variety of technologies for rmsource's customers.
Ken specializes in Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and VMware cloud technologies.


​Chris Geck

Professional Services Manager

Chris Geck is a team leader at rmsource and along with Carl Acree is responsible for the professional services teams. Chris joined rmsource in 2008 and has lead numerous successful customer projects involving NetApp storage, and VMware virtualization. Chris also assists in the leadership of the Managed Solutions teams to architect and support rmsource's cloud offerings.
Chris specializes in Microsoft SharePoint, NetApp solutions, and VMware cloud technologies.

Sianna Brown

Senior Project Manager, PMO

Sianna Brown is the Senior member of the Project Management team at rmsource.  She joined rmsource in 2013 and is responsible for overseeing the day to day project tasks within our Professional Services, SharePoint and Software Development teams.  She works closely with rmsource customers to ensure a successful delivery of each project. 
Sianna is a Raleigh native and a graduate of Meredith College.  In addition to her role at rmsource, Sianna is an active volunteer within the Junior League of Raleigh.