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Related Challenges

Reducing Costs with Outsourcing; Moving to the Cloud; Managed Services

Services Used

Managed Solutions; Vmware Private Cloud Hosting

Technologies Used

Cisco; NetApp; Vmware vSphere

The Challenge

Evaluate Moving Apps & Systems To Cloud Hosting 

Cloud environments and cloud hosting providers come in all shapes and sizes – it’s not a one-size-fits-all offering. Most organizations are operating a hybrid cloud environment with certain apps hosted on-premise and others hosted in a cloud by a managed service provider or a public cloud like O365. Deciding the best mix for your business systems and apps is becoming more and more of a challenge.

Organizations are looking to gain efficiencies, cost savings, and ROI. IT decision makers must first answer three questions:

  • Which apps are good candidates to be moved? 
  • Which cloud option should we migrate to? 
  • Who will make it happen seamlessly with no down time?

The reality is that new apps must be migrated and sometimes upgraded in order to successfully function in the cloud. Do you manage all apps on-premise in a private cloud hosting environment and ramp up capital expenses (CapEx) to manage it? Or, should you move some applications or systems off-site -- either in a hosted-private or public cloud – and switch to an operational expense (OpEx)?

How We Solve It

As cloud hosting providers, rmsource takes ownership to act as an extension of your internal teams. We help you manage all your cloud needs end-to-end. We have the experts to consult with you regardless of whether your applications are in house or you're migrating to a cloud provider. This full-service approach means most organizations realize increased efficiency at a lower cost with:

  • Cloud Evaluation & Recommendations 
    • Access To Cloud Integration Experts 
    • Customized Plans Built For Business Needs 
  • Security Services 
    • Best-in-Breed Dedicated Firewalls 
    • Customized Security Protocols 
  • Data Integrity 
    • Client Controlled Data 
    • Automated Tools & Process For Moving Data 
  • Reliable Connectivity 
    • MPLS (Private/Dedicated Circuits) 
    • Encrypted VPNs 
    • Built-In Redundancy Through Multiple Carriers 
  • Support 
    • Financially-Backed SLAs 
    • 24/7x365 Availability 
    • Administrative Portals 
    • On-Demand Access To Certified Engineers & Developers 
    • Global Support 
  • Reduce Costs 
    • Fixed Monthly Fee 
    • Customized To Business Needs


rmsource Hybrid & Private Cloud Hosting Options

Hybrid Cloud Hosting:

  • Scalability Of Public Cloud 
  • Security Of Private Cloud/On-Premise Solutions 
  • Optimal Mix Of Cloud Consumption 
  • Flexible Support For A Fixed Monthly Fee

rmsource Private Cloud Hosting & Azure Private Clouds/On-Premise Virtualization:

  • Dedicated Infrastructure 
  • Financially-Backed SLAs 
  • Highest level of Security & Compliance 
  • Turn-Key Application Management 
  • Fixed Monthly Fees 
  • On-Demand Scalability 
  • Customizable Backup Plans & Security Policies 
  • Active Directory Integration


Public Cloud Applications:

  • Office 365/Azure 
  • Migrations Plans With Access To Experts 
  • Global Support 
  • 24/7x365 Support 
  • Federation Services/Single Sign-On