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Hybrid Clouds Clouds<p>​Cloud environments and cloud hosting providers come in all shapes and sizes – it’s not a one-size-fits-all offering. Most organizations are operating a hybrid cloud environment with certain apps hosted on-premise and others hosted in a cloud by a managed service provider or a public cloud like O365. Deciding the best mix for your business systems and apps is becoming more and more of a challenge. </p>
Partial Resourcing Resourcing<p>​Balancing limited resources with growing IT needs is a struggle for most organizations. This typically manifests as missing skill sets and fewer available hours than what is required to get projects done – resulting in decreased efficiency and productivity across the entire organization.  Working with clients of varying sizes that span industries, the rmsource team sees this as a universal challenge. The rmsource Partial Resourcing Model™​ is the first true solution. This service model designates a set number of hours each month for access to our team of highly-skilled developers and engineers.  </p>
Managed Office 365 Solutions Office 365 Solutions<p>Work environments continue to change from traditional offices to flexible workspaces with demands for round the clock engagement. Therefore, the landscape of today’s organization demands constant collaboration with real-time access to anything, anywhere. rmsource managed Office 365 solutions optimize performance – ensuring maximum efficiency and collaboration which translates to reduced support costs. </p>
Managed Network & Security Solutions Network & Security Solutions​Breaks in network stability and security equate to costly organizational losses. Failures as simple as a switch or node malfunction can halt productivity while costing companies valuable resources as well as money. Add in the cost and stability issues related to multiple teams managing appliances from a variety of manufacturers and the chance that network issues will make your bottom line skyrocket.
Managed SharePoint Solutions SharePoint SolutionsWork environments are an ever changing landscape with constant demands for increased efficiency and collaboration. Business leaders often find themselves battling lost productivity and focus due to the absence of a streamlined system. Integrating Microsoft SharePoint creates a scalable environment that helps teams manage workloads across departments, business units, partners, and customers. However, integrating and implementing the solution requires knowledge and resources.
Upgrading Portals and Intranets Portals and IntranetsThe stability and security of your businesses portals and intranets is more important now than ever. Since 2003 Microsoft SharePoint, a popular enterprise Document management and collaboration tool, has become a cornerstone in IT organizations of all sizes. The C-level suite are now demanding that SharePoint be pervasively adopted and leveraged to its full potential. Implementing a new SharePoint solution or Modernizing to the updated versions of this versatile platform can add powerful capabilities to your Intranet/Extranet, however the process can be complex and time consuming.
Mobile Application Development Company Application Development CompanyWith the advent of BYOD (bring your own device) and a huge surge in mobile device adoption in the workforce has caused a fundamental shift in the way IT solutions are conceived and deployed. Many line-of-business software applications do not have a mobile application solution or strategy in place, and applications that have a cross-device mobile app available are designed for general use. These mobile app options lack focus and are deficient in content delivery to divisional users.
Private / Hybrid Cloud Hosting / Hybrid Cloud Hosting​Modernization of IT systems can be complex and time consuming, however if your Organization is relying on outdated software applications and IT Infrastructure it may be costing more and achieving less than you’d like.
IT Outsourcing Outsourcing​Companies today are more than ever reliant on an ever changing IT Infrastructure, but are equally constrained by budgets and expenditures. Organizations constantly have to balance strategic business initiatives and the cost of IT to support them.